7 Superhero Workout Shirts You Need To Buy Right Now

Are you trying to get superhero shredded this summer? Look no further for your new favorite workout wear! 

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments down below. 

1. The Punisher 

Okay, we know he's technically an anti-hero. But the shirt looks badass. 

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2. Green Lantern 

Power ring not included....

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3. Captain America 

America, fuck yeah! 

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4. The Rival  

Does Velocity 9 count as pre workout?? 

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5. Deadpool 

You have to wait until next June to see the sequel, so why not buy the shirt now? 

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6. Spiderman 

Get psyched for Homecoming! 

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7. Iron Man 

Unleash your inner Tony Stark. 

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